How Our Medical Cost-Sharing Program Works

Making Membership Clear and Simple

At Liberty HealthShare, we’re committed to making medical cost-sharing a simple and transparent process. It’s easy to join, track your progress, and budget for your healthcare costs.   

Liberty HealthShare

As a community of like-minded, health-conscious individuals and families, we commit to bearing one another’s burdens and support one another in times of need.

How does sharing work at Liberty HealthShare? 

Members across the US become a part of a national sharing community who believe in the power of caring for another through the Christian value of sharing. Like-minded members from diverse, varying backgrounds contribute monthly to help other members in need. The concept is simple, but incredibly powerful. 

As a healthsharing ministry, we help to facilitate the sharing of our members’ eligible medical expenses—and the beginning of the process starts when members submit their monthly shares. Each month, members contribute a monthly share amount. This amount varies depending on family size, health needs and program level. Once your share is sent, it is then paired to another member who has submitted an eligible medical expense. This giving and receiving is all done directly in your ShareBox.

How to Use Our Medical Cost-Sharing Programs

Liberty Healhs Share

The Liberty HealthShare Process

Contribute your suggested monthly shared amount

Visit any provider or medical facility you choose

Show your Liberty Complete ID

Provider bills Liberty HealthShare electronically to apply discounts

Liberty HealthShare reimburses members and providers by sending a check using members' funds