Pharmacy Coaching to Fit Your Health Needs

June 18th, 2020

Whether you’re managing a chronic health condition or an acute illness, HealthShareRx is available to our healthsharing members and can help you save on the prescriptions you need at no extra cost.

HealthShareRx offers prescription discounts at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. Members can also receive a 21-day supply of common prescriptions, including the 83 most prescribed acute medications for only $5.00. HealthShareRx offers a convenient home delivery service so you can skip the pharmacy and have your necessary prescriptions delivered directly to your door. 

Pharmacy coaching to fit your unique needs

With their licensed pharmacists, HealthShareRx is able to offer member education and counseling on a variety of prescription options. For Liberty members, having professional insight can be very helpful when you are working to be a responsible steward of your healthcare. These pharmacists are able to assist you in identifying more cost-effective options for your prescriptions to fit both your budget and health needs.

The HealthShareRx team of highly educated and trained pharmacists are committed to bringing you the most cost-effective prescription drugs in the industry, while adhering to the latest pharmacology standards.

With extensive experience, the HealthShareRx team is able to provide the highest level of care to our members when they need it most. Through Pharmacy Coaching, you can receive free education on potential medication options to help you save additional money, when the opportunity is available. The knowledgeable pharmacy coaches will consult with both you and your doctor to inform you of the best alternatives and help you to make the most fitting decision for your personal and financial situation.

By using programs such as those available through HealthShareRx, you can budget for your healthcare cost better, while also protecting the SharePower of our healthsharing ministry. To learn more about how you can start benefitting from pharmacy coaching visit HealthShareRx’s webpage