What To Do If You Ever Need Surgery

December 4th, 2014

In the town of Hutchison, Kansas there is a little known, exciting secret. And it's not just in Hutchinson. It may be in your town too. It could be a place you pass every day without realizing what it could be doing for you. What is it? A surgery center.

Surgery centers are medical facilities that provide outpatient surgeries and other short-stay procedures. You may or may not be aware that most outpatient procedures can be performed in local surgery centers. According to Bud Brooks, Vice President and Co-founder of Surgery Center Network™, procedures typically performed at surgery centers include orthopedic, ENT, OB/GYN, urology, and even minor spine surgery. Because these procedures are frequently performed in these centers, the process is systematic and efficient.

Services at surgery centers are usually 5 to 20 times less expensive than the same procedure when performed in a hospital setting. This is mainly because hospitals, with their large facilities and staffs, have more overhead than surgery centers. The lower overhead of surgery centers helps to keep costs down, as their finances can be utilized more efficiently.

Bud Brooks also informed us that most surgeons that have privileges at hospitals also have privileges at private surgery centers, which means you can have the same doctor for the same procedure, at a better price. Brooks is confident in the level of service patients experience at surgery centers, saying "Too many people simply don't know and don't understand how good surgery centers are at the services they provide."

Brooks' company, Surgery Center Network™, is a nationwide network of high-quality surgery facilities dedicated to cost transparency. They are committed to bringing choice to outpatient care. Surgery Center Network™ advocates and promotes outpatient care through their website, ineedasurgery.com. On this site, you can shop prices and surgeons in your area and choose the one that works best for you. You can also learn details about procedures and schedule your surgery online.

Liberty HealthShare and Surgery Centers Network™ have partnered together on behalf of Liberty HealthShare members to ensure that they can access quality, affordable, outpatient care. As a community, we are here to find the best possible ways to keep costs down. After all, it's OUR money. We are here to help each other find solutions that best fit our needs. Surgery Centers Network™ is a valuable resource for you!

If your doctor EVER says, "You need a surgery", contact the Surgery Center Network™at 1-877-565-8293 or visit their website and discuss your options.