What's (Not) Happening In Washington

April 10th, 2017

A few weeks ago, we sent an action update to our membership, inviting you to contact your congressmen concerning the language in the proposed American HealthCare Act. If you took the time to call or e-mail your Representative, we want to thank you.

As you probably know, the American HealthCare Act was pulled prior to a House vote, and for now, there is no other healthcare reform legislation on the horizon. Looking ahead, regardless of whether the Affordable Care Act is successfully repealed and replaced, we're happy to say healthcare sharing precedes and predates any government effort to regulate and manage the American healthcare system.

Although we are not in any way dependent upon government for our day-to-day operations, we want to remain aware and active concerning any legislation that could constrain or inhibit our members' freedom to direct their own healthcare according to their values. For this reason, we are committed to keeping you in the know and giving you the tools you need to speak your mind when the opportunity and need arise.

Again, thank you for your engagement on behalf of your fellow Liberty HealthShare members. Moving forward, we are rolling out some tools that will make contacting your representatives even easier. We will be in touch if and when there is something new to report on the healthcare horizon.