What Makes Liberty HealthShare Unique

July 16th, 2018

The membership base of Liberty HealthShare continues to grow towards a quarter of a million members, and it’s clear that Liberty HealthShare is offering something appealing. Our members enjoy quality service, transparent costs, ease of access, and high ethical standards, all of which make it easy to recommend to friends and family.

One of the most popular features of Liberty HealthShare is the simple share amount structure. We utilize an easy-to-understand tier system for each of our three sharing programs. The tiers detail a set monthly share amount for individuals, couples, and families, with cost adjustments for each age bracket. This allows prospective members to know exactly what they will be contributing before enrolling. Pricing will never increase without an official announcement from Liberty HealthShare prior to the share amount increase taking effect.

Another attractive feature of Liberty HealthShare is the ease of access to medical care. There is no required network of providers to limit members’ choices of doctors and hospitals. Rather, Liberty HealthShare members have the freedom to choose medical care providers that suit their needs, regardless of location. We encourage members to "shop around" for the best cost and quality healthcare, and we offer resources for members to engage in conversations with their provider about the healthcare sharing approach.

While our pricing structure and ease of access are considerable draws to Liberty HealthShare, the thing that sets us apart from most health care payment solutions are our ethical standards. Upon enrolling, our members agree to a Statement of Shared Beliefs, which outline Liberty HealthShare’s moral, spiritual, and ethical foundations. These guidelines inform what we are and are not willing to share in as a community, and they promote a commitment to healthy living. In fact, the following are written directly into our Shared Beliefs as member standards:

  • Do not use tobacco in any form
  • Don’t abuse alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

Members from across the country have shared stories of how being a part of Liberty HealthShare allows them to afford medical care through a community of like-minded individuals. The values and principles our members share are the very reasons for why we do what we do, and being a part of Liberty HealthShare goes deeper than just quality member care and high healthcare standards. It's a commitment to a new kind of community.

If you’re ready to take back control of your healthcare, feel free to request a FREE Decision Guide or visit the enrollment page of our website.