We Have A New Look!

October 20th, 2021

Since 1995, our logo has represented the values of our sharing community. While we continue to value the qualities of freedom and strength, our vision has expanded over the years.

It remains important to us to serve our members and their families, providing a place for our sharing members to support one another and uphold our mission of bearing one another's burdens.

As a result, we are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned logo!

Our new logo embodies both our faith-filled heritage and our future. The design includes the Christian values of faith, kindness, community and support.

"The new logo design and colors express the spirit of our community and convey the values that bring our members together to share and lift one another," said Dorsey Morrow, Liberty HealthShare's Senior Executive Officer.

We believe our updated look and colors abundantly align with our members' commitment, kindness, and like-minded values. Additionally, the heart within our logo represents the heart of our members and our community's commitment to care for others. The feather represents the dove of peace that God gives us as His children and the support our members offer each other in times of need, and the cross within the heart focuses on our Christian foundation

Our internal team developed our new logo with our members in mind. We will begin using it for all our communications including, our website, newsletters, emails, videos, social media and more.