Visiting Your Doctor? What You Need To Know

January 2nd, 2015

As a Liberty HealthShare member, what are the steps you should take when seeing your health provider?

What do I do when I go to the Doctor? This question is commonly asked by Liberty HealthShare members. For some, it’s your first time seeing a provider since joining. Others have been members for years but haven’t had a medical need in a long time. We want to be sure you understand what to do when visiting the doctor, from giving the receptionist your member ID card to how the medical bill submission process works, so you can feel at ease when going to your provider of choice.

When you have a medical need and go see either your doctor or another health provider, this is the process:

Present: Present your Member ID card to your doctor. Your ID card has all the information your doctor will need, including our reimbursement structure paid to the provider. There is also contact information for your provider if they have any questions. This has proven to be the most successful way for doctors and hospitals to accept Liberty HealthShare as a means of payment.

Submit: Your doctor will then submit your bills to the billing center. All submission instructions are on your Liberty HealthShare card.

Process: Liberty HealthShare receives and processes your bills. The bills are discounted, categorized for eligibility, and marked for either sharing or your Annual Unshared Amount (AUA).

Share: For all eligible, shared medical expenses, member shares are then contributed directly to your ShareBox using our secure, online system.

Pay: If needed, you will then pay your AUA directly to your provider. After that is met, you will direct Liberty HealthShare to pay your remaining bills from your ShareBox. All bills are reflected in your ShareBox.

Confirm: You will receive an Explanation of Sharing in the mail. This serves as confirmation that Liberty received your bills and an explanation of how they were processed. This mailing will also give you a rundown of all medical expenses paid for your medical incident.

It’s that simple! At its heart, medical cost sharing is neighbor helping neighbor. The Liberty HealthShare community is here to support you when you are in need, empower your choices, and be a comfort in your most difficult times.

If you have additional questions, please call our customer service department at 855-585-4237.