Update on the New Member ShareBox

February 20th, 2019

This month, we rolled out changes to our member ShareBox. By now, you may have logged in to submit a bill for sharing, checked the status of a submitted expense, or simply take a look around. If so, you saw some of the new capabilities we are now able to offer. In the new ShareBox, members can:

  1. Capture payments
  2. Change, add, or remove members 
  3. Submit expenses using the camera on a mobile device by clicking "upload files" 
  4. Nominate a provider

These are just a few highlights of the new ShareBox experience. As is often the case, this upgrade hasn't been without a few bumps. Some of our members have expressed concerns, which we are listening to and responding to as quickly as possible. We want to assure you that your data is being maintained and we are working to quickly resolve any technical issues you might encounter. It is our hope that the information we share here will alleviate your concerns about the new ShareBox. However, if you choose to call Member Services, please be aware you will experience a longer hold time than normal, as our call volume has increased due to our upgraded ShareBox.

We are aware that not all member history is available in the new ShareBox yet. In order to ensure uninterrupted member access to the ShareBox, we are migrating data while the new system is up and running. Rest assured that all of your medical history is being securely maintained on the old ShareBox as we move your data to the new ShareBox platform. This live data transfer simply takes time. It is of utmost importance that we do it right the first time to ensure accuracy and prevent duplication. 

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience for a brief time. However, the end result will be an immensely enhanced member experience for you and your family!

We will not shut down the old ShareBoxes until every member’s data has been successfully migrated to the new ShareBox. While we finalize that transfer, you can still access all of your data in your old ShareBox. Please note that medical expenses are still being processed, so previously submitted bills do not need to be resubmitted in the new ShareBox.

The new ShareBox is currently unavailable in Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. If you have trouble logging in, please try again using the latest version of Google ChromeFireFox, or Safari. Ongoing login issues should be reported to shareboxsupport@libertyhealthshare.org.

On a technical note, the new ShareBox uses popup windows, so you will want to allow popups when you visit your ShareBox. 

Here are some helpful videos on how to manage your popup blocker:

For the Google Chrome browser - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNx2xvVt9Do

For the FireFox browser – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdr6H7Dq5Y8

For the Safari browser - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcRtFvzdxuQ

We want to thank you for your patience as we continue to implement these improvements. We are glad you are part of this community and we hope you find these changes beneficial to you as a valued Liberty HealthShare member.