Understanding Renewal Fees

July 6th, 2018

We often receive questions from our members about the purpose of annual renewal fees. Without understanding the context of this yearly addition, many members contact us feeling confused and frustrated by the extra dollars added to their monthly share amount. There is no need for alarm, and we hope to equip members with the info they need to be savvy consumers both within the Liberty community and the greater context of medical health.

When you joined as a new member, an initial fee was added to your monthly share amount to begin your membership with Liberty HealthShare. Every year on the anniversary of when you joined Liberty HealthShare, a reduced portion of your initial membership fee gets added to your monthly share amount to renew your membership. It is added automatically to make it easier to remember your subscription fee and to reduce extra processing expenses. We also offer a reminder to our members at the end of our monthly newsletter.

It is important to note that your membership year is based on when you joined, not the calendar year. This can be a significant adjustment for those coming from a third-party payment system. Ultimately, it gives the member more control over the timing of when their Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) is renewed. Members have the liberty to engage medical costs without being tied to a set of imposed deadlines and can instead steward their medical expenses around their own timeline. Check out our blog post Stewarding End-of-Year Costs for more information.

We're proud to not be health insurance, and we do our best to make sure that your dollars go towards the needs of the Liberty HealthShare community. The renewal fee is one of the only costs to go towards administration that helps keep our non-profit running. If you have more questions about the yearly renewal fee, call our Member Services department at 855-585-4237.