Understanding Our SharePower

July 15th, 2021

Many of us have become accustomed to the lack of cost transparency in our healthcare system. Medical prices continue to climb. Yet, the average healthcare consumer doesn’t know that they have the power to lower these costs.

This is one of the reasons healthsharing is different, our sharing process is straightforward, and we aim to empower you in being a wise, accountable healthsharing member.

We share the results of our collective resources each month. Members can see a visual representation of their stewardship and our community’s collective good: our SharePower. It’s our power to share each other’s needs, as seen in these three areas: our SharePower received, the medical expenses received, and the medical costs shared in a month.

Our SharePower is a gift from one member to another member.

How our SharePower works:

Around the beginning of the month, members contribute to their sharing community. These contributions, called shares, vary in amount and are dependent on family size, health needs, and our member’s chosen program level. The total amount of SharePower received is the combined sum of member shares in a month.

Our members share medical costs, price shop for healthcare and make frugal healthcare choices. Additionally, early self-pay, medical discounts result in a smoother sharing process for our entire community. The result is lower medical expenses for all. The amount shown in our newsletter is the medical expenses that are submitted to our sharing community.

The kindness of our members is displayed in the medical expenses shared each month. Medical expenses are shared within our healthsharing process as they are received and reflect the positive stewardship of our members. As a result, millions in medical costs are shared across our community every month. 

Understanding our SharePower and its purpose helps us to be mindful of how we manage our medical care and ensures that we all do our part in keeping our sharing community active and strong