TV Moms & Mother's Day Gifts

May 12th, 2017

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th. Coming up with the right gift can be hard, but here's a fun approach. There's no one quite like your mother (feel free to steal that line for your greeting card!), but she might remind you of an iconic TV mom you've come to love. Using these memorable ladies as our template, let’s imagine how they might like to be celebrated on Mother's Day and see if their preference also works for your real-life, one-in-a-million mom.

June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver)

  • always looks nice
  • wonderful cook and baker
  • treats even a Tuesday night dinner as a special occasion
  • kindest person you know
  • Gift idea: An Instant Pot – this breaks the no-gift-with-a-cord rule, but she shouldn't mind since it will let her escape the kitchen once in a while.

Caroline Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie)

  • tough and tender
  • never lets difficulties get her down
  • teaches her kids about wonder, gratitude, and generosity
  • makes home a warm and safe place where anyone is welcome
  • Gift idea: A Spongellé Spongetté Trio – she hardly ever pampers herself, so these fancy soaps will make the shower feel like a spa.

Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)

  • smart and sassy
  • lets her kids make certain mistakes so they can learn from them
  • up for anything
  • has a lot of free time
  • creative and expressive
  • Gift idea: Registration for a Craftsy Class or two – give her a chance to channel her creativity so she can make something fun, preferably for herself.

Clair Huxtable (Cosby Show)

  • stylish and elegant
  • engaging and witty
  • confident and intelligent
  • knows her kids better than they know themselves
  • always there for you
  • Gift idea: An Audible Membership – she’s a bookworm, but an audio book is ideal, allowing her to “read” while she gets something else done, like relaxing.

Jill Taylor (Home Improvement)

  • often cleans up messes she didn't make
  • juggles both home and work life
  • smart and sarcastic
  • best person to have in your corner
  • Gift idea: A Spafinder Gift Card and an afternoon to use it – push her out the door and reassure her everything will be just fine while she escapes for a bit.

Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)

  • likes to stop in unannounced
  • opinionated
  • loving, demonstrative mom
  • would do anything for her kids
  • Gift idea: Reservations at her favorite restaurant – go the whole nine yards and make sure you get her dessert.

Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

  • fiercely independent
  • powered by caffeine
  • talks a million miles an hour
  • is your best friend
  • would do anything to help you succeed
  • Gift idea: A Stanley Classic One Hand Mug and a pound of specialty coffee – make it even easier for her to multitask while her coffee stays hot in a classic, spill-proof mug

Kristina Braverman (Parenthood)

  • a crier, but she's tough
  • fights tooth and nail for what she believes in
  • survivor
  • empathetic
  • best hugger you know
  • Gift idea: Homemade brunch with a handmade card – there’s nothing she’d love more than breakfast in bed and something sentimental to make her feel loved

We hope these profiles brought a smile to your face and that one or more of our gift ideas got your wheels turning. In all seriousness, Mother's Day gifts don't have to be complicated or expensive. Think about what she values and show her you've been listening. To all our member-moms (and mom-figures), thank you for doing one of the hardest jobs out there. We wouldn't be here without you and we wouldn't be who we are without your persistence, your example, your discipline, your unique personality, and your love. Happy Mother's Day.

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