Tips for New HealthSharing Members

July 15th, 2020

Becoming a member of the Liberty HealthShare community is an exciting new journey! From getting started using your ShareBox, trying our innovative cost-savings programs to being involved in our faith-centered ministry, there is so much to explore as a new member.

In this article, we offer a few tips to help our new healthsharing members get started and be involved in their healthsharing membership.

Learn Our Language and Get Familiar with Our Sharing Guidelines

You will often see terms like SharePower, Eligible for Sharing, Annual Unshared Amount, and other unique phrases used in Liberty’s communications to our members. You may wonder why we use these words and why our language is different.

To answer that, Liberty uses terms specific to healthsharing and our organization because we are non-profit ministry – with an emphasis on ministry. We use our language as a constant reminder to our community that we are not insurance and we are a part of something unique and special.

Learning our language will help you to better understand our Sharing Guidelines, which you should be referencing frequently – especially before receiving medical treatment. Our Sharing Guidelines are used to direct our members’ shared contributions to pay for one another’s eligible medical expenses.

As a community, we believe it is our spiritual and ethical responsibility to care for our bodies and maintain our health. It is also our ethical responsibility to be good stewards of our community’s shared resources. Therefore, we do not share into any expenses resulting from behaviors associated with unhealthy choices or procedures that are not in alignment with our shared beliefs.

You should always make sure to reference the Sharing Guidelines before seeking services so you can eliminate the chance for surprises and ensure your treatment will be eligible for sharing.

Use Your ShareBox and Confirm You Can Receive Our Communications

Your ShareBox is your main resource for using your healthsharing membership. From your ShareBox, you can see your current Annual Unshared Amount, submit expenses, access our cost savings programs, download important documents, request prayer for yourself or your family, and more.

Get started by visiting our website to login into your ShareBox with your email and password you set up at the beginning of your enrollment. ShareBox is where you can explore all there is to offer. You should become familiar with each section in ShareBox so you feel comfortable using this tool.

Although all the information and account updates you need will be available for you in your ShareBox, you can also receive communications via email. To get our communications in your email inbox, you must make sure to mark Liberty HealthShare as a safe sender in your email account. You can do this by following these instructions.

Use Cost-Saving Programs and Ask for a Self-Pay Discount

Be proactive in communicating with your provider. Before receiving care, first show your Liberty ID card to your provider and explain your membership with Liberty HealthShare. Your Liberty ID card was emailed to you at the time of enrollment. If you need a replacement card, you can request one in your ShareBox within the Membership tab under the Program heading. In the healthcare industry, healthsharing members are considered self-pay patients. Since you are a self-pay patient, you should always ask for self-pay discounts.

Remember to keep in mind that our community has finite resources, regardless of how many members we have. As a community, we agree to be good stewards of our shared resources, and when you request discounts, you help to keep our SharePower healthy and strong. Our SharePower is the sum of total contributions given by our community to share into each other’s needs

You can also reduce costs by using our innovative cost-savings programs. Liberty offers you resources to price shop for quality care with Healthcare Bluebook, discounts and pharmacy counseling on prescriptions with HealthShareRx and virtual healthcare with Liberty TeleHealth, all of which can be found in your ShareBox.

Strengthen Your Faith with Our Ministry

Here at Liberty HealthShare, we do our best to honor Christ in all we do. As a healthsharing ministry, we care for our members deeply and our ministry team, led by Pastor Wes Humble, are here to support you in your journey and faith.

You can use the PrayerBox feature in your ShareBox to leave prayer requests that only you and your community will see! Our ministry team makes sure you are prayed for by name and request, but you can do the same for your fellow members by leaving prayer or encouragement on their requests.

You can also anticipate reading Wes’ writings in our monthly newsletter to give you encouragement, support and perspective on the love of Jesus Christ. Wes also hosts occasional prayer sessions live on our Liberty HealthShare Facebook page, where you receive the word of God and interact with other members.

When you join Liberty HealthShare, you become a part of a very special and powerful community. Whether you are a seasoned member of Liberty or new to us, we are grateful that you are a part of our national community of valued healthsharing members. For questions on your Liberty membership, you can give us a call at (855) 585-4237 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.