Time and Effort Pays Off

December 3rd, 2015

Robert K. of New Jersey was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 16. It was a worrisome diagnosis for an athletic young man, and at the time, diabetes was more difficult to track and treat. Lifestyle changes were needed and Robert rose to the occasion, saying, “It was never difficult for me to manage the inconvenience of having diabetes. I would not accept complications arising from my disease."

As a young man, Robert decided that he had to take over the responsibility of monitoring and adjusting his blood sugar level for his dysfunctional pancreas, which is the crux of managing diabetes. He has been testing his blood 12-14 times a day for his entire adult life! He adjusts his blood glucose manually based on testing results. While that is not ideal for many people, the seriousness of Robert's disease kept him vigilant. A husband, father, business owner, and inventor needs to be on top of his game. Now 59 years old, Robert can look back on decades of success at staying healthy. He is living proof that type 1 diabetes can be managed and life-threatening complications can be avoided. Robert is a champion in our eyes!

When Robert and his family joined Liberty HealthShare, he was placed in the Provisional Program, now called HealthTrac. After just a few months, he had demonstrated to his health coach that he managed his condition daily and continued to take responsibility for his health and the challenges type 1 diabetes poses. Robert is now a proud graduate as well as a great example of how a serious disease does not mean a life of limitations. We were thrilled to remove the provisional status from Robert's membership, and we're excited to share the good news that diabetes can be successfully managed, even if it is a condition many of us will deal with for decades.

Robert has remained physically active all his life and also eats a healthy diet appropriate for his condition. As mentioned, he tests his blood sugar frequently during the day. Over the years, a few doctors have discouraged his “extra” testing, but Robert says it is what has worked best for him. “I decided I was going to put in the extra time and effort. It’s a part of my life. It’s what I do.” Robert likes the freedom a Liberty HealthShare membership provides, not only in choosing his doctors but also in eliminating the time he used to spend negotiating with bureaucratic systems that wanted to dictate his care. He is a satisfied member where he and his family are concerned.

Congratulations Robert! We are proud of you and happy to be sharing your remarkable accomplishment with our Liberty community.