The Worst Day Of Our Lives...

May 4th, 2017

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, but we've found that the majority decide to join Liberty HealthShare for the same reason: at some point, they realized insurance was not an ideal way to face healthcare costs. With their financial commitment rising and the payoff diminishing, they make a bold move and leave insurance behind in favor of a Christian community characterized by personal responsibility and the stewardship of health and resources. Charles R. is one such member in Texas, and this is his story.

My wife Laura and I are both self-employed. We were used to purchasing our own insurance, but because we live in a way that prioritizes health and wellness, we found we rarely, if ever, used it. With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, we saw our already-high costs going through the roof, and for services we weren't even using. We knew there had to be a better way, so we went in search of it.

When we found Liberty HealthShare, we were instantly impressed that Liberty encourages members as they pursue health. Being self-employed, personal responsibility is something we value at an elemental level. We were also pleasantly surprised by the customer service offered by Liberty's staff. We could tell right away that this was going to be a different experience than any we had previously had with managing healthcare costs. Little did we know just how much we would come to cherish our relationship with Liberty's staff.

After years of good health, Laura and I experienced the worst coincidence on what was the worst day of our lives. I have a family history of cancer, so I undergo regular PSA tests. On this particular day, I got the news that my levels were elevated. That evening, Laura was walking inside from our garden with the bowl we use for birdseed. She tripped over a garden hose, dropped the bowl, and fell onto the broken glass, badly cutting her elbow. The wound was so deep that she needed surgery and was admitted to the hospital overnight.

As we faced the possibility of a cancer diagnosis, the first stop we had to make was with the hospital's financial services department. When we got there, the accounts representative had already spoken with a member of Liberty HealthShare's staff. She told us, "Don't worry", and that whatever care I would need would be eligible for sharing. She said she was grateful to have good news for us rather than finding herself in the all-too-familiar position of telling someone with insurance that their care would not be covered.

Ultimately, I had an MRI and then a biopsy. I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer and underwent 8 weeks of daily radiation treatments. Throughout my illness and recovery, the people at Liberty have been kind and helpful. A couple of our providers have sent outrageous balance bills, but it's been made clear to us that we shouldn't worry, which is a huge weight off our minds. Unlike with insurance, in which our interactions always felt adversarial, Liberty's staff are clearly here to help. We count them as friends. Without Liberty HealthShare's work of facilitating the sharing of medical costs within this community, we know our care would have left us buried by medical bills.

Both Laura and I are doing well, and now that I'm back to work, I hope to begin making donations over and above our monthly share to show our gratitude for everything Liberty did for us in our time of need. Now we recommend Liberty to everyone we know because of our wonderful experience.

Charles and Laura live outside of Dallas, Texas. Charles is a writer and humorist, and Laura is a vocalist and writer. In their spare time, they rescue birds in need of a home.