The Shadow Of His Wings

July 4th, 2018

One of the most beautiful aspects of a sunny summer morning is the birdsong. Dozens of avian species have beautiful and unique sounds that greet the early riser. Jesus told his followers that God cares for the needs of sparrows, and you can hear their delight in his provision when they raise their voices. Long before Jesus's Sermon on the Mount, David worshiped God in the wilderness and used the same bird imagery to describe God's tender care.

In this psalm, David takes refuge in "the shadow of [God's] wings" like a chick would under its mother's wings. God has come alongside him to protect and nurture him in his time of need, and it prompts David to celebrate and worship. God invites us into the same kind of protection and celebration today! He is attentive to our needs and the safest place we could hide. Let your heart sing for joy