The Kindness of Sharing: HealthSharing

February 11th, 2020

It seems the world could use a little more kindness today. 

Giving to a neighbor in need, sharing resources as a community and lifting one another in prayer – not only is this a kinder, healthier way to live in community, it’s also the foundation of both our Christian faith and a vibrant healthsharing community: to give, share, and receive.

We give because God first gave to us

As people who have decided to live by the biblical value of caring, we hold the concept of sharing in high regard. It’s also a priority that keeps our sharing community healthy and active. 

The monthly share is where it all begins

The beginning of sharing starts with a decision to give of our resources. Healthsharing members commit to sending in a monthly share. The share amount is pre-determined by the program our members have chosen for themselves or for their families. It’s intentional that our sharing amounts are affordable for all. In our many years as a healthsharing ministry, we have only increased our sharing amounts one time – when the medical needs of our community surpassed the sharing dollars that we had received.

Stewarding our share dollars

Our members are resourceful and become wise stewards of their healthcare dollars. Our members take time to review and understand the Sharing Guidelines as the guiding document for all healthcare interactions to determine eligibility of medical expenses.

Most important, our members protect our community share dollars by making thoughtful healthcare choices and selecting providers who charge fair and reasonable rates. For example, members can save our community's share dollars by using the Healthcare Bluebook tool, found in their ShareBox, before they seek medical care. Members can also ensure their shares are properly recorded and credited each month by keeping their membership and payment information up-to-date. This gives our members more power to share!

Caring for one other

Our sharing community is an inspiring example of generosity. It’s a testament that we can live together in the freedom of a Christian community, where kindness and resources are shared and everyone's healthcare costs are reduced.