The Benefits of Healthcare Sharing

June 11th, 2019

It’s no secret that the conversation around healthcare in our nation has become an increasingly contentious one in the last several years. Entire political campaigns have been built around promises to change, reverse, or replace existing laws for the theoretical betterment of our lives. But the policies being proposed are often one-size-fits-most and rarely meet the specific needs we and our families have. Thankfully, there are still other options when it comes to paying for healthcare. 

In fact, long before our nation's healthcare system took on its current form, people of Christian faith were carrying out the biblical mandate (and the historically Christian practice) of bearing one another’s burdens. When an unexpected and cost-prohibitive medical expense came up, they would join together to pay it. Even today, church communities continue to function in this way, surrounding and helping one another when life throws a curveball. This kind of care can be such a source of relief in hard times, but many Americans are looking for the support and potency that comes from engagement in an even larger community. 

That’s where healthcare sharing comes in. Membership in a healthcare sharing ministry not only allows you and your family to retain control over your healthcare, but it also offers peace of mind as you invest your money into a community where you can trust it will be used for other members - and where they will also help you with your costs.  

So what are some of the benefits of membership with a healthcare sharing ministry like Liberty HealthShare?

  • Greater accountability - you know exactly where your dollars are going because they are shared with other members, not shareholders 
  • A community you can feel good about - you get to participate with a group of people who prize good stewardship of their health and the money you share to bear the burden of unexpected and unaffordable health needs 
  • Practical help - if you need or want it, you can get accountability to reach your health goals through HealthTrac, as well as assistance with finding low-cost healthcare through our pre-notification process 
  • Freedom to choose - rather than restricting you to a set of pre-approved providers, you are free to choose your doctor and visit medical facilities where great care is delivered at a reasonable cost 
  • Deeper connections - when your freedom to choose a provider is restored, you can find and build relationships with doctors who appreciate the healthcare sharing mentality and work with them to take a holistic approach to your long-term health 
  • Spiritual support - you can submit prayer requests to our leadership team and encourage fellow members through the ShareBox platform 

These are just a few of the reasons why so many Americans have taken control of their healthcare experience and left the third-party payer system behind. By choosing a faith-based, community solution to the problem of skyrocketing healthcare costs and becoming active participants in their care, they are not only keeping more of their hard-earned money, but they are also helping return sanity to the American healthcare system at large.

If you’re a current Liberty HealthShare member, we hope this information affirms your decision to join us. Feel free to forward it along to friends or family who might be interested in learning more!