Liberty HealthShare Member: Nicolette

April 13th, 2021

Hi, I’m Nicolette, founder of the Seeds of Mustard Ministries. Me and my husband, George, have been Liberty HealthShare members for almost four years.

Once we transitioned from working in high-paying jobs to ministry and reducing our salaries, we looked into our healthcare options and learned about healthsharing at Liberty HealthShare. We decided to go with healthsharing because it is practical, and it made sense for us from a financial standpoint.

Initially, I was with another healthsharing organization. That organization did not share into preventive care, and I believe preventive care is what keeps us healthy.

Liberty HealthShare members also believe in preventative care and share into one another’s preventive care and their community’s health. We knew this is where we needed to be.

 We also believe in living in a Christian community, like the church in Acts, and sharing with those in need. All of these things combined made healthsharing a really good fit for us.

At first, we just used our healthsharing program for wellness visits. And then, in December of 2019, I developed dry eyes and needed to see several doctors. Liberty Healthshare members shared all of the medical costs. I am thankful when others share with me, and I want to share medical expenses with others.

I enjoy being in a community with like-minded, health-conscious people that want to help each other, keep costs low and pray for one another.