Liberty HealthShare Member: Eric

June 14th, 2021

My name is Eric, and my wife and I are Liberty HealthShare members. I began researching health care organizations when the Affordable Health Care Act was passed. My wife and I chose health sharing because it fit what we could afford and appealed to us in terms of being part of a group that took ownership of their health care. That made us feel like we were taking ownership of our health care. 

I would describe health sharing and Liberty HealthShare as a community and people helping people. 

My wife was diagnosed with two forms of cancer in March 2020, right when the pandemic started. Without Liberty HealthShare, we would be devastated. The Liberty HealthShare community was our support in dealing with our medical challenges. If the freedom to choose health sharing was taken away, I don’t know what my wife and I would turn to. Liberty HealthShare has made health care easy for us. The ease with which I can log into our Liberty HealthShare portal, check our ShareBox and see the status of bills that have been submitted is what makes this a comfort to our family. 

Liberty HealthShare is not insurance; it’s assurance. It’s assurance that your health care needs and the cost of your health care will be shared by members who build community and bind each other with their sharing.