Taking Personal Responsibility

May 22nd, 2015

One of the main qualities that sets Liberty HealthShare apart from traditional methods of paying for healthcare is the fact that we encourage and depend upon our members taking personal responsibility for their own health care. This distinctive feature plays a huge part in reducing costs for members of our Christian healthcare sharing ministry.

Liberty HealthShare Takes a Fresh Approach to Health and Wellness

Members of Liberty HealthShare all acknowledge that we, as individuals, have a spiritual and ethical obligation to God and to our fellow members to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everybody who joins this ministry agrees to our statement of shared beliefs, which forms the foundation of how members interact with one another and manage their health.

We all take seriously the need to be personally responsible for our health. As a voluntary community, Liberty HealthShare is made up of people who are health conscious and who want to have a life characterized by health and wellness. Therefore, the program goes a step further by motivating and mobilizing members to take healthy actions. Rather than being focused on "sick care," Liberty HealthShare is focused on health care.

Taking Personal Responsibility for Making Healthy Changes

It's inevitable that some people who want to join Liberty HealthShare already have some issues with their health. In the case of certain pre-existing conditions that respond to lifestyle changes (high blood pressure, heart disease, type II diabetes, tobacco use, obesity, and some types of cancer), our provisional program is set up to encourage these members to take personal responsibility for making healthy choices (see below for examples). These choices will ultimately lead to healthier members and lower healthcare costs for the individual as well as the whole group.

Tobacco Use: As a Christian ministry, we do not accept members who use tobacco because this behavior is destructive to health. However, we will welcome smokers into the community if they make a commitment to stop smoking. Then we help these members follow through by pairing them with a health coach and nurse who will walk them through the smoking-cessation process by following a customized treatment plan.

Diabetes: We accept members with diabetes, but these individuals must commit to changing their lifestyle to help control the disease. Changing the quantity and type of food you eat and the amount of exercise you get makes a big difference. If you take steps to control blood sugar and lose weight, you can live a healthier life. Dale Bellis, the executive director of Liberty HealthShare, underwent membership in our provisional program and followed the regimen provided to him. He went from being a type-2 diabetic to maintaining pre-diabetic blood levels.

Holding Each Other Accountable Keeps Costs Low

In contrast to the "sick care" model of our current healthcare system, Liberty HealthShare doesn't reward people who choose to not be health conscious. This helps create a dramatically different environment with a high level of personal responsibility that results in low costs. This is a completely different mindset compared to how most people have accessed healthcare in the past. It is a paradigm shift, but members are better for making that shift.

Members of Liberty HealthShare realize that their individual health has an effect on the health care costs of others. Our members are committed to being in a community of people who hold each other accountable to pull our own weight and help others do the same. The results are lower costs for everyone and progress toward becoming a healthier nation.