Student Project Becomes Answered Prayer

December 15th, 2015

Andy and Tiffany Clark are a young couple from Canton, Ohio. Like many young people, the Clarks had begun to face financial difficulties due to student loan debt. These difficulties prompted tough decisions as the couple faced choosing between paying healthcare costs or neglecting basic necessities of life such as food and rent. Andy and Tiffany’s faith in God’s provision led them to pray that He would intervene and provide a solution that would meet all of these needs rather than accepting the frightening realities of living without help in case of unexpected medical costs. What happened next was an answer to prayer and a chance for the Liberty HealthShare family to grow.

Unbeknownst to the Clarks, students in an entrepreneurship class at the nearby Malone University had been challenged to make a tangible difference in their community. Students Ronnie Beers and Seth Troyer felt impressed to meet a family’s practical, financial needs where their healthcare was concerned. Ronnie’s passion for this project came from his familiar knowledge of Liberty HealthShare. He knew medical cost sharing would be a great vehicle for a specific blessing to meet a local family’s need.

Ronnie and Seth decided to set a goal and raise enough money to fund a family’s healthcare needs for a full year. They began making phone calls to college associates, prior business contacts, and community leaders who gladly joined in to raise the funds needed for the initiative. Reaching out to the pastor of a local church, Ronnie and Seth saw further evidence of God’s providence as the pastor shared that Andy and Tiffany specifically had been impressed upon him by name as a couple needing this assistance!

Upon meeting the Clarks, Ronnie and Seth knew they had found the right family to receive the Liberty HealthShare membership. The Clarks then applied, completed their medical questionnaires, and went through the complete enrollment process in order to be approved for membership.

Along with generous donors, the two students had raised enough money to cover the costs of the membership fee, share amounts, AND the Clarks' annual unshared amount! Andy and Tiffany were thrilled that God had provided this specific answer to their prayers. It has been an honor for Liberty HealthShare to be a part of this project. This is what health sharing is all about; neighbor helping neighbor!

Click below to watch the Clarks' tell their story of answered prayer:

The Clarks, Malone U. and Liberty HealthShare