Solving Healthcare Policy With Health Sharing

July 17th, 2017

Recent months have held ongoing legislative discussions concerning the possible repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Although Liberty HealthShare does not align with or endorse any political party, we make a point of staying on top of any policy developments that might affect our membership at both the federal and state level.

Several months ago, Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis and HealthShare Radio host John Daly interviewed former Virginia governor and presidential candidate Jim Gilmore.

Governor Gilmore leads the American Opportunity Foundation (formerly the Free Congress Foundation), a think tank focused on the economy, tax reform, transportation, and defense. Among other issues, during his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Gilmore focused largely on healthcare reform.

Given one false start and an ongoing struggle in the Senate over a proposed healthcare overhaul that recently passed in the House, this is a good time to consider how healthcare policy affects us all. During his time with John Daly and Dale Bellis, Governor Gilmore discussed the free market principles he believes must come into play to restore sanity and fiscal responsibility to our nation's healthcare system.

Highlighting the role healthcare sharing ministries and health savings accounts can and should play, Gilmore stated that as a member of a healthcare sharing community, "You're in charge of your own money...You have some skin in the game, which means you're going to be more effective at managing your own healthcare." Liberty HealthShare members can attest to the positive effects this paradigm shift has on their engagement with the healthcare system.

In reference to the admittedly monumental task of opening peoples' minds to a way of paying for healthcare not mediated by a third party, Gilmore continued, "If you're going to turn away from a government program, you have to explain to the American people how they can be in charge of their own healthcare..." Our members are living proof that true freedom and autonomy is possible in this area, and they share this information with their friends and loved ones all the time!

As the interview wrapped up, John Daly asked how we can encourage our legislators to integrate some of the principles of healthcare sharing into their proposed fixes for healthcare policy. Governor Gilmore responded by saying that our members can and should make suggestions to members of Congress based on their experience because healthcare sharing is a unique approach, as compared to the current, government-run solution, and because right now, legislators are actively seeking solutions.

We want to encourage you to take a few minutes to contact your congressmen and senators by e-mail or phone and share your story of healthcare freedom. Many of our representatives truly desire to find a better, more sustainable approach to healthcare, but they won't know about the freedom healthcare sharing ministry members experience unless we tell them!

To watch the interview in its entirety, click the "play" symbol below.