Self-Pay Patient Tests Liberty HealthShare

March 4th, 2015

For thirteen years, former South Carolina police officer Barbara Pulicicchio had been paying out-of-pocket for her healthcare costs. As a self-pay patient with some medical issues, she was finding it difficult to manage the cost of her care. One day Barbara began reading a book entitled The Self-Pay Patient by Sean Parnell and began learning about the cost-sharing concept. This idea intrigued her, so she began searching the internet for offering medical cost sharing. It was then that she discovered Liberty HealthShare. Barbara ultimately settled on Liberty HealthShare (LHS) because the word “Liberty” reminded her of freedom and our nation's founding.

Participation ignited even more of a fire under Barbara and she found she wanted to share her discovery about cost-sharing with everyone she knew. In fact, when visiting her new primary care doctor, she said, “I gave my doctor information about Liberty HealthShare and not only did she love the idea, but she also said that she is going to share it with all of her self-pay patients.”

Barbara is thankful for many things about Liberty HealthShare, including member access to deep discounts. Recently, she had a routine echocardiogram at a university medical center in South Carolina that cost $3,650. She was shocked at the bill as an echocardiogram is a standard test.

Out of concern for the finances of her fellow Liberty HealthShare members, she called the medical facility and asked for an itemized breakdown of the bill. They never sent one. “Frankly,” Barbara states, “I don’t think they want me to know the specific costs.” In the end, LHS re-priced the bill, reducing the amount owed to $321. Barbara gives kudos to those who negotiated on her behalf.

In addition to cost savings, Barbara likes the fact that she can switch doctors whenever she wants. She says, “I wasn’t happy with my primary care doctor, so when I found out I could switch, I was thrilled!” Even though she was still getting test results from her well-check visit with the first doctor, she was permitted to find a new physician to complete the process.

Lastly, Barbara is grateful that when she calls Liberty HealthShare, she actually speaks with a friendly and knowledgeable representative. She affirms, “There are no delays when I call LHS, unlike the times I had to wait when I’d call my prior healthcare company.”

Barbara believes Liberty HealthShare offers members more than just cost savings; it offers them a network of committed people who care about one another. That’s the Liberty HealthShare difference!