SavNet For Liberty Members

August 26th, 2016

Prescription Drug Program available in all 50 states
Health Savings Discount Program not available in AK, UT, VT, WA.

Managing prescriptions can be confusing and costly, and we know this is a concern for our members. In an effort to make the process more price-transparent and easy to understand, we are proud to welcome SavNet Health Savings program to the Liberty HealthShare family. SavNet will save members 15% to 50% off prescription medication, as well as offering discounted dental, chiropractic and alternative medicine, vision, and hearing services.

For current members, accessing discounts for dental care, eye care, hearing, and chiropractic care will be substantially the same. The biggest difference you will notice is where prescription savings are concerned. To better serve our community and allow for greater flexibility, price stability, and transparency, we are moving to a tiered prescription system.

Prescription medications are divided into 4 tiers:

Tier One drugs will be available for up to $10. Tier Two drugs will be available for up to $20. Tier Three drugs will be available for up to $50. Tier Four medications will be available at special network-negotiated pricing. The tier system offers price transparency so you know what the cost of your medication will be before you purchase it. A Doctor's Prescribing Guide (a hard copy of which you’ll receive in the mail) lists sample medications in each tier and helps you select lower-priced drugs that are therapeutically equivalent. Make sure you always go to your doctor equipped with the Doctor's Prescribing Guide so you can work together to find the most effective, least expensive prescriptions.

You will always receive the lowest cash price at the counter for your prescription within that tier. A Walgreens Pharmacy mail order service is also available for deeper savings on maintenance prescriptions.

An online database allows you to input your zip code, receive a list of participating pharmacies local to you, preview prescription pricing, and view a more comprehensive listing of tiered drugs. Visit SavNet's special Liberty HealthShare page for more details.

Outside of pharmaceuticals, there are other health savings available to Liberty Members through SavNet:

• Aon Dental Solutions has over 45,000 participating dentists nationwide. You can visit any participating dentist and save an average of 15 to 50% on dental services. Aon posts its discount pricing fee schedule online, state by state. That will assist you in comparison shopping dental providers especially, and help you budget your out-of-pocket expense for dental care.

• Vision Network Savings includes access to a network of over 65,000 vision providers. Members save an average of up to 35% for vision care services. A few of our vision providers include Lens Crafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical, JC Penney's Optical, and Pearle Vision.

• Chiropractic and alternative medicine services include chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, podiatry, and physical therapy. Members save up to 25%, and there are over 40,000 participating providers nationwide.

• Connect Hearing offers a 35% discount on hearing aid devices, as well as a complimentary hearing evaluation.

As a health cost sharing community, we take our members suggestions and concerns very seriously. What we have heard from you is that you want greater freedom, flexibility, and transparency as you manage your healthcare costs. We are happy to make these changes in order to serve you better. Visit SavNet's special Liberty HealthShare page for a complete explanation of this comprehensive program.