Review Of The Self Pay-Patient, By Sean Parnell

July 16th, 2014

While members of Liberty HealthShare may not see themselves as self-pay patients, in the legal realm of medical payments, that is exactly how they are considered. Sean Parnell, author of the blog and the book The Self-Pay Patient: Affordable Healthcare Choices in the Age of Obamacare, lays out a field guide to the many options available to people who have decided to take the self-pay route.

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, was rolled out, Sean saw a need to provide help to those who wish to remove themselves from the system. "I wanted to create a one-stop source for people who want to opt out of the Affordable Care Act," said Parnell.

As a membership, we have come together to pay for those things that are unexpected and unaffordable; bearing one another's burdens in times of hardship in terms of support and finance. Although we still have the ability to manage the smaller costs of healthcare on our own, the question remains, where can we turn to receive the best care for our money?

The Self-Pay Patient is a simple and easy-to-read book that acts more like an open source for out of the box thinking in managing your healthcare dollars; one to which you can return on a regular basis.

The book does not dwell on the public policy that has worked its way into the healthcare system but instead spends the majority of its pages dedicated to providing solutions. These are practical tools you can put into your arsenal as an empowered individual who can actively reduce and maintain the cost of your healthcare.

Parnell addresses the bewildering method used by hospitals and doctors to bill for their services. He says, "Trying to get a real price from a doctor's office in advance of your visit can be a frustrating experience." The book also explains how to access hospitals and doctors who are friendly to cash payers. "There are literally thousands of doctors who have abandoned bureaucratic medicine and embraced cash-only practices or at least made their prices transparent and given self-pay patients the best prices because they don't have to deal with insurance reimbursements."

Dale Bellis, Executive Director of Liberty HealthShare, remarked, "This book is a crucial resource for every member. I urge everyone to get a copy and refer to it regularly."

Healthcare sharing ministries are prominently featured in The Self-Pay Patient. Parnell recognizes the role they can play in helping people share in the cost of accessing healthcare, saying, "For tens of millions of Americans who are looking for an alternative... healthcare-sharing ministries provide a relatively inexpensive way to ensure that they have the money to pay for needed healthcare."

In addition to learning how to function as a self-pay patient with regard to physicians and providers, members of Liberty HealthShare can also use this book to help them manage the cost of medical care in other areas such as prescriptions, urgent care, or small, manageable procedures that are easily planned. They can even learn about adding insurance coverage for high-risk activities.

You can find this excellent resource at and other online booksellers.

Excerpts from The Self-Pay Patient, by Sean Parnell