Refer A Friend Today!

October 7th, 2016

At Liberty HealthShare, our goal is for our members to have an experience they want to share with others. That’s why it is so rewarding for us when we find out a new enrollee has been referred to us by a friend or family member. Knowing your experience as a Liberty HealthShare member has led you to tell others about us confirms our hard work is having an impact.

We know that the personal stories of our members are effective and that they make the best case for Liberty HealthShare’s unique community of like-minded individuals. Our hope is that this community will continue to expand as more and more people find out about how Christian healthcare sharing preserves our freedom to make our own healthcare decisions, respects our moral and ethical beliefs, and restores doctor-patient relationships.

Why not share your experience with your friends and family? The process is easy and straightforward and can be tracked and managed through your ShareBox. If someone you know would like additional information, simply log into your ShareBox and follow the instructions below to help them begin their Liberty HealthShare experience. A representative will contact them and answer any questions they might have. If your referral enrolls and remains an active member for 60 days, we will reward you with a $100 Visa gift card. As always, enrollment applications are confidential.

How to Refer a Friend:

Log in to your ShareBox and you will see links listed across the top of your window. Click on “Refer a Friend”. Once in that window, you can add the contact information for those who might be interested and also keep track of their referral status. After a referral enrolls, click on “Rewards” to stay updated on the estimated send date of your $100 gift card.

Keep in mind that your referral must be an active member for 60 days in order for your reward to be sent. Processing can take 3-4 weeks beyond that point.

Please note, if you complete five referrals (with rewards), you will be asked to fill out a W-9 form to refer a sixth. This is due to federal regulations that stipulate that any income above $600 must be reported and a 1099 tax form sent at the end of the year.

If you have not received your Visa gift card after 90 days from the start of your referral’s membership, or for any other questions/comments, contact Jessica Tice at 1-855-585-4237 x3029 or

Keep sharing your stories and allow us the honor of rewarding you for your loyalty. Refer a Friend today!