Refer a Friend and get Rewarded

November 4th, 2015

One of the most rewarding things we learned in September’s member survey was that 30 percent of our members were referred by a friend or family member. We work every day to serve our members, so this was great news to us. Knowing you are so satisfied with your membership that you will refer people to Liberty HealthShare confirms we are on the right track.

Did you know that if someone you refer to us enrolls, we will reward you? If someone you refer to our healthcare sharing ministry becomes a member, after they complete 60 days of membership, we will send you a $100 gift card. We know that member experiences and testimonials are what best tell the story of our sharing community. We want to expand our community and welcome more people into our system of sharing one another’s medical costs in a way that preserves our freedom to make our own healthcare decisions, respects our moral and ethical beliefs, and restores doctor patient relationships.

Americans have to make decisions about how they will manage healthcare expenses almost every month, and Liberty HealthShare continues to be a great source of freedom in the marketplace. Why not talk to the people you know about your experience? If they want additional information, simply log in to your ShareBox and locate the Refer a Friend tab in the left column. Fill in the name and contact information of those that are interested and a representative from Liberty HealthShare will contact them to answer their questions. As always, enrollment applications are confidential.

We are well served by our members and their praise of our program and our service, and we want to show our gratitude for your loyalty. Refer a friend today!