Redefine Comfort Food With Winter Squash

November 17th, 2016

Over the next several months, we're covering a variety of ways to maintain your health during the colder months. We've already looked at some fun ways you and your family can keep moving both outdoors and indoors. Looking ahead, keep an eye out for seasonal recipes and tips for supporting your emotional and mental health as temperatures drop.

You’re trying to get or stay on-track during the fall. Does that mean the delicious flavors of the season are off-limits? Not at all! A surefire way to keep sugar and fat consumption under control is to simply plan ahead. Prepare flavorful, nutritious foods for the week and then decide when you will – occasionally and within reason – “splurge” on a good quality treat to scratch your cinnamon or pumpkin-loving itch. If you’re up for making your own baked goods and other sweets, healthy eating blogs are sure to be offering better-for-you recipes for most, if not all of your favorites.

Eating healthily during the spring and summer is pretty easy, especially because many delicious, fresh foods are in season and widely available. You might have heard we should eat seasonally, but in the colder months that can be difficult with grocery store produce that is largely hothouse-grown and/or shipped from warmer climates. Here's some good news, though: if you can open your mind to some lesser-known veggies, you’ll find you can keep truly fresh things on your plate all year-round.

One of the best ways to eat seasonally in the fall is by featuring winter squash in your menu. Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, pumpkin, delicata, and hubbard squash are all delicious, versatile veggies that can be cooked in many ways. Most of them work well in both savory and sweet recipes, which means your options are practically endless! Here are a couple hearty recipes that should get your mouth watering:

Try these out, alter them as you like, or go looking for other options that fit your dietary needs and tastes. You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy these unsung vegetables once you integrate them into your menu!

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