Real Change Begins With Us

March 9th, 2018

Last month, Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis spoke to a packed ballroom from the main stage at the American Conservative Union's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Liberty HealthShare does not endorse political movements, parties, or candidates, however, CPAC offers a great opportunity to share healthcare sharing with an audience that is invested in religious and economic liberty; principles we strongly feel should be promoted.

The moment he took the stage, Dale delved into what he believes are the fatal flaws in our nation's current system for healthcare delivery, homing in on the third-party-payer system in particular. This is simply an arrangement in which another entity, such as an insurance company or the government, is included in the transaction and pays the costs associated with care. This means neither the patient nor the provider has any real investment in the costs associated with the care he or she is receiving or giving, respectively. Dale then demonstrated that the unintended consequence of handing over this power is necessarily a loss of freedom and autonomy, which negatively impacts everyone's experience of healthcare.

Dale pointed out that the same market principles we abide by in most other areas of our lives can and should be applied where healthcare is concerned. He suggested that, rather than submit all medical costs to a third-party-payer, we ought to approach our health in a way much more similar to how we care for our homes and vehicles: by setting money aside ahead of time and comparing costs when it comes time to access care. If we apply wise consumerism to our health, we can find logical, sustainable solutions to the problem of skyrocketing costs and bureaucratic overreach.

To be sure, some ideas, usually promoted by politicians and pundits, have grown in popularity in recent months and years. For instance, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are often put forth as a kind of magic bullet, but Dale cautioned that they are only a partial solution; one that merely tinkers around the edges without addressing the root cause of our flawed healthcare system. Dale submitted that the most important step we can take in returning sanity to healthcare in our nation is to put customers back in control of their care and the costs associated with it.

This was the moment when Dale shared his personal passion for healthcare sharing, explaining how Liberty HealthShare members experience the costs of their care in community with one another, according to their deeply held beliefs. Sharing one member's poignant story of a health crisis and the compassion he and his family experienced in the aftermath, Dale drove home the reality that healthcare sharing is an often life-changing method of paying for healthcare costs.

As he ramped up to the conclusion of his speech, Dale pointed to the innovative heritage of our nation, calling upon audience members to recognize that there are ways to pay for healthcare that fall outside of those commonly accepted as the only way. He encouraged the audience to stop the broken cycle in their own lives by opting for healthcare choices that produce real freedom, finishing with an invitation for all those listening to exercise their healthcare freedom today.

Watch the video of Dale's full CPAC speech below. Feel free to share this blog post with friends and family so they too can learn about Liberty HealthShare!