Provisional Program Graduate is a True Success Story

August 12th, 2015

LHS Health Coaches help member make positive changes in his life.

When Crestline, Ohio, residents John and Lora Troiano heard about Liberty HealthShare, they were happy to learn that the program met the religious exemption under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As self-employed business owners of JLS Surplus, an industrial machinery company, they were responsible for satisfying the requirements of the ACA. After researching their options, they decided on enrollment with Liberty HealthShare.

For a number of months, prior to joining Liberty HealthShare last fall, John had been working on reducing his weight. At 6’ 1”, he weighed 285 pounds; however, over time, he was able to shed an estimated 40 pounds before coming to LHS. After signing up with Liberty HealthShare, Registered Dietitian Susan Satterfield was the health coach assigned to work with John to help him continue losing weight, so he could move out of the provisional program with LHS and thus reduce his monthly share amount by $80. His final goal weight was 215 pounds. As of last month, John reached his goal! According to Susan, “He lost 28 pounds and is an inspiration for all of us!” She goes on to say, “There was no magic pill; John stayed the course and slow and steady won his race.”

John and Lora believe in taking care of themselves and not relying on drugs; they prefer a more natural approach to wellness. In addition, because Lora cannot tolerate most medications, both she and John sought the help of a naturopathic doctor. They wanted an alternative source for healing rather than taking synthetic and potentially dangerous meds. John states that he and Lora do not take any medications, as they maintain a healthy lifestyle by being active and eating smart. John says, “We take multivitamins every day and, if we have any inflammation, we take bromelain.”

“Watching what - and when - I eat was how I started losing weight,” shares John. “Susan, my LHS dietician, helped encourage me and kept me proactive. She would call me once a month to see how I was doing,” he adds. Liberty HealthShare’s health coaches partner with provisional members by providing strategies that lead to a healthier way of living. For example, health coaches make suggestions for snacks, suitable eating times, cutting back on portions, and overall lifestyle changes. According to Susan, “We help transform the health of provisional members through nutrition and lifestyle changes so they can eventually graduate from the program.”

“John is a true success story, and I give him 100 percent credit for reaching his weight loss goal,” says Susan. As John reflects, he states, “Recently, while carrying a 40-pound box into the house, I realized that I used to carry the 40 pounds on my person.” To maintain his ideal weight, John enjoys eating organic produce, which he purchases from the local Amish auction, as well as farm-fresh dairy products. Furthermore, he plans to start his own fish farm for both food and profit.

In conclusion, John had the motivation to make a positive change in his life, ultimately losing 70 pounds. You can do it, too, with the help of the dedicated health coaches at Liberty HealthShare.