Provisional Member Program - Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

July 16th, 2014

...with goals, a time frame, and a push from Sue!

Bill Downey, Provisional Member (L); Sue Rohr, Liberty HealthShare Health Coach (R)

One of the options Liberty HealthShare offers to potential members is the Provisional Membership. Particularly when pre-existing conditions are responsive to lifestyle changes, prospective members have the option to enroll as a provisional member. The Provisional Member submits an additional $80 share amount per month, is assigned a health coach, and follows a personalized treatment plan agreed upon by the member to change and improve their condition. Many Provisional Members have experienced significant life changes and successes.Bill Downie testifies to the success of the program for him. He first heard about Liberty HealthShare from Clash Daily, a conservative website that recommended medical cost sharing programs.

When describing his first reaction to Liberty HealthShare, Bill said, “Actually, I was a little skeptical about cost sharing programs in general, but the people I talked to at Liberty HealthShare were fantastic and took their time explaining things to my satisfaction.”

Bill’s experience with his health coach, Sue Rohr, has been positive. Sue worked with him extensively to create a plan to control his hypertension. “She promised she would come over and take a bat to my skull if I didn’t drop my blood pressure. Her constant urging and guidance has been awesome, so now she doesn’t have to make the trip!” he explains.

Not many health care programs focus on healthy living like Liberty HealthShare does. Our health coaches are helping to change the culture by emphasizing true health care, not sick care.

Here’s Bill’s final assessment of the Provisional Program. “Sue has worked with me to reduce my blood pressure. She’s always sending e-mails with thoughts and ideas. I’m surprised that she thought my 3 bags of Doritos per day diet was not healthy, but she’s convinced me to change to vegetables and fruits,” Bill says.

People’s lives are being changed and health is being restored through the Provisional Program. Bill Downie is only one of many cases. Liberty HealthShare is creating awareness about health and wellness. With the expertise and support of our Health Coaches, members are taking responsibility for their health care and meeting or even exceeding their goals.

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