HealthSharing: Protecting Our Community SharePower

March 15th, 2021

Liberty HealthShare is not insurance, and we are proud that our healthsharing program is different and unique. As a healthsharing ministry, our members have the freedom to care for their health in a special way and share medical expenses with their fellow members. We believe that it is our God-given duty to help one another, and it is our shared responsibility to protect our freedom to choose healthsharing. 

At the core of our healthsharing community is our collective resources, called SharePower. Each month, our members voluntarily contribute a monthly share to help other members in need. Combined, the funds shared are powerful. In 2020 alone, more than $347 million in medical expenses were shared among members. Protecting our shared resources ensures that we are here for each other now and in the future. 

Here are a few ways to help you steward the resources of our community.

Learn about your healthsharing membership. As a healthsharing member, the first thing you can do to protect your sharing community is to learn what your healthsharing program is and what it isn’t. We are a ministry. Our language, processes and goals are community-focused and centered on serving one another. Your active participation in your sharing community is an integral part of what we do. 

Active participation includes:

  • Reading the resources in your ShareBox.
  • Watching our educational videos.
  • Reading the articles and tips in our monthly newsletter and
  • Reaching out to us when you have a concern. 

Plan for your health and healthcare. Planning for the future when you have an unexpected medical need can feel unnecessary in the present, but you shouldn’t wait until you have an urgent need to steward your health early. Your preventative actions, deciding how you will pay for care, talking to your provider, and saving for emergencies can all help you care for your health and reduce expenses.

Be aware of how expenses are shared in your community. Your sharing community is dependent on the availability of the resources sent in by members. By understanding this, you can plan your care to benefit your household and community. 

For instance, each month, members contact our prenotification team and schedule surgery or treatment with their provider. These surgical procedures can be costly for your sharing community, so they are planned and budgeted each month.

When you have an unexpected medical need, talking with your provider, explaining to your medical team that prepayments are not always an option, or arranging a payment plan with your provider should be your first steps before scheduling a procedure.

Additionally, asking your provider to submit an expense or wait for payment and considering the necessity and timing of a non-critical surgery fosters efficient sharing within our community and protects our power to share.

Support healthsharing. Remember why you chose to be a part of a sharing ministry. You can lift others in your sharing community through your prayers and well wishes in PrayerBox. 

Doing good and helping others is what makes healthsharing special. You can support your community and protect our ability to share medical expenses by asking questions and reaching out to us by phone or email us at when you have concerns or frustrations.