Pre-Notification: What's Important To Know?

June 6th, 2018

Pre-Notification Quick Facts:

Ask First | Be Informed | Control Cost

Pre-Notification Number: 888-604-4337

Sharing Guidelines: Pre-Notification

Timeline: at least seven days prior to any procedure

By choosing to be a member of Liberty HealthShare, it's clear that you have thought enough about the health industry to realize that there are better ways to manage medical costs. However, prior mentalities are not deconstructed in a day. It takes effort to implement the stewardship principles made possible by voluntary healthcare sharing. To be able to maintain our commitment to minimized costs, we ask members to take responsibility for their personal healthcare costs in ways that might be unfamiliar to those who are used to a third-party payer arrangement. We believe that this personal responsibility is ultimately more sustainable for our sharing community.

Liberty HealthShare does not share in unnecessary medical costs, and many medical services are evaluated for eligibility through the process of pre-notification. By understanding the timelines set forth in the Sharing Guidelines and which procedures require pre-notification, members will avoid unnecessary frustration and keep costs low for both themselves and other sharing members in the Liberty community.

Certain testing, treatments, procedures, and surgeries are known to have a large range of possible prices, which makes it easy for some providers to employ unreasonable billing practices. Pre-notification is Liberty HealthShare's process for helping members identify which interventions are medically necessary and, once they are identified, what can be shared among the rest of the member community. For the list of procedures that require pre-notification to be eligible for cost sharing, please reference the Pre-Notification of Medical Expense section of the Sharing Guidelines. Once the pre-notification staff determines the advisability and eligibility of the procedure, we assist members and their physicians in finding the best possible prices through our Member Stewardship Advisory Program (MSAP).

We strongly encourage members to call Pre-Notification at 855-585-4237, option 4, as soon as their physician identifies the need for one of the medical services identified in our Sharing Guidelines or if you have any questions about whether the procedures your physician is advising are eligible for sharing. The timeliness of pre-notification cannot be stressed enough. With exception to true emergency cases, failure to pre-notify could mean that the medical expenses are not shared, and the member will be solely responsible for the cost of the procedure. Oftentimes, members or their physicians attempt to submit clinical notes for pre-notification the day before a scheduled intervention. It can be impossible for our staff to process these requests in time, and without confirmation, the procedure could be canceled by the provider. We ask that the member collaborates with their physician to ensure that any clinical notes or medical records relating to the intervention are submitted with at least seven days advanced notice. When members pre-notify in a timely way, we are able to process requests more quickly, which ultimately helps us help you find the best price for your medical needs.

For questions about the Sharing Guidelines, our Member Services Department is a great resource and can be reached at 855-585-4237.

It is our privilege to navigate healthcare in ways that honor our commitment to wise stewardship and mutual support. We believe this mentality is reflected in our members, and we want to thank you for your continued partnership in Liberty HealthShare.