Our Values Based Marketplace

February 5th, 2015

How personal values can lead to better healthcare economics.

by Dale Bellis, Liberty HealthShare Executive Director

Recently the New York Times posted an article entitled, "Onward Christian, Healthcare"by Molly Worthen. We are so happy to see that the media is taking notice of healthcare sharing ministries, and we are encouraged by the impact it is having on the American healthcare landscape.

I was quoted in the article as saying, "success comes 'when the marketplace is given the opportunity to produce solutions on its own.'" However, given the way in which the quote was presented, it seemed as though I believe the reason we share medical bills together is because of the economic advantage; because it is cheaper.

This quote was accurate; however, I would like to add context, because it is important to know the driving force behind what we do. We share medical bills together because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s cheaper! Affordability is the result of what we do and why we do it!

The driving force behind healthcare cost sharing is our core beliefs. We believe God, not men, gave us our rights and responsibilities. We believe we have a spiritual and moral responsibility to take care of our health and our bodies because we are creations of God. We believe we have a moral and spiritual obligation to assist others when they are in need, and that we solve our problems in community with one another. Furthermore, we believe our health is a gift from God and we are duty bound to control and manage our own healthcare because of that stewardship.

Our "marketplace" solution in healthcare is affordable because we put those values into practice. Those beliefs fuel our behavior individually and as a group. As a result, our healthcare costs are lower.

If ever you, a member of Liberty HealthShare, are asked about your participation, you can simply say, "If you identify with our shared beliefs, come and join us! Affordable healthcare is a result of what we do. Come and experience the liberation. We wouldn’t have it any other way!"

That’s a "marketplace" solution I can believe in!