Our True Potential: The Theme That Emerged From the Pro Football HOF Speeches

August 17th, 2021

Last week was the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. This event takes place in Canton, Ohio, the corporate office location of Liberty HealthShare, and is broadcasted worldwide.

While the Enshrinement Festival is filled with various exciting events, I was intent on hearing the much anticipated NFL Hall of Fame 2021 speeches. I listened to NFL's inductees' as they gave their acceptance speeches into the Hall of Fame and shared who was influential in their careers and lives. Then, a theme emerged. Players spoke of their mentors and coaches and the influence they had on their life decisions. When a great mentor or teacher pours into our lives, our faith is strengthened—overcoming obstacles and reaching our true potential is possible.

This is the message of the Gospel. Jesus Christ came to give us new life and the ability to overcome obstacles in our faith journey. These Hall of Famers are filled with humility at being voted into the Hall of Fame. Humility is a vital part of being spiritually healthy and is mentioned repeatedly in scripture.

It is not uncommon for these seasoned professional football players to break down with emotion when expressing their love and appreciation to a mother or father, grandparents, or spouse who helped them grow and develop.

Relationships are so crucial to spiritual wellness. The Bible has so much to say about spiritual health, overcoming bitterness, and relational issues with the help of God's Holy Spirit. Most of all, these men will leave a legacy behind them for generations to remember and follow.

As Christians, we, too, have that opportunity. We can leave a legacy of living and love like Jesus. You may not leave behind a bronze bust, but people will never forget what you did or how important you made them feel.

May we all be impacted and grow more like Christ by this truth.