Norman Allen's Liberty HealthShare Story

April 5th, 2016

While attending a national convention, the Liberty HealthShare team was approached by a member. With a determined look on his face, the man had broken through the crowd standing in front of the booth and pulled something out of his back pocket. In front of everyone in attendance there, in a voice that broke through the clamor of a convention floor, he held his Liberty HealthShare member card up and said, "You all saved my life."

This bold member's name is Norman Allen. His infectious energy about the work we all do within Liberty HealthShare was so inspiring that Executive Director Dale Bellis opted to interview him on HealthShare Radio to recount his testimony and story. He was candid and enthusiastic about his experience.

"It's time that we got back to a place where people are taking care of people," Norman declared.

As in Norman's experience, some doctors and hospitals may not be aware of Liberty HealthShare as a means to meet healthcare costs. Norman showed great initiative in promoting and explaining Liberty HealthShare to his provider, but don't forget: as a member, you can have our Provider Relations team reach out to any doctor or hospital that may have questions about the program.

Click play below to hear the rest of Norman's story: