Understanding Membership Years and Program Periods

November 12th, 2020

Some of our members have asked for clarification on their membership period and how it is affected by program changes.

Your Membership Year is the twelve-month period beginning on the date your Liberty HealthShare membership is activated.  Within this timeframe, your Annual Unshared Amount (AUA), the amount that you are responsible for before sharing begins, accumulates. Your AUA renews on the anniversary of your membership activation date.  Your anniversary date is also the date your yearly renewal fee is due.

In your ShareBox, under the “Membership” tab, you can view your Liberty HealthShare membership and program information. Under the “Program” tab you will see your next yearly renewal date. Under “Membership Years” you will see a list of every 12-month membership period, the associated Start and End dates, as well as your yearly AUA information. Clicking on the “Current” membership year you will see “Program Periods.” Here you will also see the Start and End dates of all programs enrolled in for that timeframe.  

Each Program Period is displayed in a separate column. Each column will reflect any program changes you have made, along with the start and end date of the corresponding program periods. This may be the same as your membership year if you have not made any changes to your program since you signed up as a Liberty HealthShare member. However, if you have switched to another program within your membership year, you will see additional program periods. Every member will have a separate column that displays a new program start date of Oct. 1, 2020, which reflects the monthly share increase. This monthly share increase did not change your selected program or AUA amounts.

By clicking on the ”View More Info” under each column, you will be able to see your program period, start and end date, program name and level, share per incident, AUA and monthly share amount.

You can also request or print a copy of your membership card under the “Program” tab!

At Liberty HealthShare it’s our goal to equip you with the tools and resources you need to understand your membership, so that you can steward your health and care for one another.