Member Tip: Anne D.

February 12th, 2021

Our members have the unique opportunity to support one another by sharing their personal experiences and advice on how to best utilize their healthsharing membership and protect our shared collective resources.

This month we are featuring Liberty HealthShare member, Anne D., who often helps other members by sharing useful member tips and information.

Member Tip: Liberty HealthShare Member, Anne D. 

I’ve always been very healthy, but last year I experienced a few injuries which required a doctor’s care.

The HealthCare Bluebook tool located in ShareBox has helped me to better understand fair pricing for medical care. When I needed to schedule an MRI last year, I searched for my procedure using HealthCare Bluebook and it showed me that my local hospital is considered expensive for this procedure. I found that many of the reasonably priced, high quality locations were too far away, up to 400 miles, but there were two locations listed within a distance I was willing to drive that were reasonably priced. I selected one of those options and scheduled my MRI.

As a member of a healthsharing community, I take seriously that we need to spend wisely on our healthcare and HealthCare Bluebook showed me that a fair-price for my medical service was $968. I was able to schedule my MRI for a price for that was much lower than that.

Doing our part to control costs is an important part of being a responsible healthsharing member.

Thank you Anne for sharing with your healthsharing community!