Member Impressed When Hospital Costs Reduced

September 18th, 2017

Perhaps the most obvious characteristic of Christian healthcare sharing is right there in the name: we are a group of like-minded people sharing the costs of healthcare. What is less obvious on the surface, but no less important, is that our members often enjoy reduced costs simply by virtue of the fact that, in the eyes of the healthcare industry, we are self-pay patients, and with that status often comes a discount. Additionally, Liberty HealthShare partners with MedCost Solutions, a group that advocates on our members' behalf to negotiate and reduce the size of their bills, so our members' costs can be reduced even further, reflecting the actual price of care.

Sam M. from South Carolina joined Liberty HealthShare with his family in May of 2016. He recently shared his experience with us, citing how impressed he was with the results when he identified himself as a self-pay patient and had his medical costs submitted to Liberty. Here's Sam's story, in his own words:

Since joining Liberty Health Share, I have had two hospital procedures; a screening colonoscopy in 2016 and a kidney stone in 2017. In both cases, I told my provider that I am a self-pay patient and explained Liberty HealthShare to them. The hospital was willing to work with Liberty and they submitted bills directly to them.

When my first repriced Explanation of Sharing (EOS) came back, it really jumped out at me. When the second one came, again, I was very pleasantly surprised. Liberty's ability to reprice the procedures, resulting in a sizable cost reduction, really impressed me. Their ability to negotiate the price of services with providers is refreshing. You can tell Liberty is not driven by special interests, corporations, or hospitals. They are driven by members.

I have also been impressed by the speed with which shares are sent to pay eligible bills. Quick payment resolution means no surprise bills 6 to 12 months later due to hangups in processing.

Being part of a group of people who care for themselves and steward their own money and the money of other members is, in my opinion, the way things ought to have been all along. The faith aspect is important to me, too. It's great to be part of a community.

Sam, we're glad you have been positively impacted by the service we provide to our members. We truly believe we're helping restore sanity and responsibility in the healthcare industry, one member at a time. We hope you'll tell others about your experience. Thank you for being a member!