Member Has A Healthcare Eye-Opener

October 7th, 2016

When costs became her number one concern, Karen found Liberty HealthShare.

Whatever your reason for joining Liberty HealthShare; whether it’s our community of like-minded people, the freedom that comes with directing and managing your own healthcare, or the financial responsibility you can exercise as a member, we are glad you are here. It is our goal that you experience all these benefits and more through your membership. Just recently, Karen O. from Florida shared her impressions with us:

In March of this year I learned my job was ending, and that in order to keep my family insured, I would have to pay a COBRA fee of $22,000 per year or purchase private health insurance in the state of Florida, where the lowest level of coverage available costs $24,000 per year for my family. I could not afford it, especially since I was out of work, so I said "enough is enough" and began researching other approaches to healthcare. I take responsibility for my own health, so I wondered why someone like me should have to pay for the rest of the folks who engage in unhealthy practices. I want to honor God's gift of my life the best I can, so when I stumbled upon Liberty HealthShare, I was excited to learn more about Christian healthcare sharing.

My first impression of Liberty was the kindness of the people on the phone. They obviously care about the quality of calls over quantity. They gave me straight answers to my questions so quickly - about how sharing works and how to submit expenses for sharing. After a month or so of consideration and several calls and questions answered, I enrolled with my two dependent children.

One of the most eye-opening experiences for me so far has been understanding the cost for medical procedures within a self-pay model. Last year, when I needed a diagnostic mammogram with ultrasound, the radiology clinic affiliated with my nearby hospital billed $2,700 for those services. I paid a $200 out of pocket co-pay plus my monthly insurance premium. Now that I'm a self-pay patient, I will be billed $303.71 for those exact same services. This experience showed me that our current health care system is terminally broken, and for that reason, I'm happy to be trying something new - Liberty HealthShare.

When I found myself at a crossroads where paying for my healthcare was concerned, I decided I was ready to stop complaining about traditional methods of healthcare and do something about it. In the short time I have been a Liberty HealthShare member, I have experienced firsthand the difference when you join a ministry that is accountable to its members.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Karen! We’re glad your search led you and your family to Liberty HealthShare.