Meet A Member: Health Sharing A Game Changer for the Self-employed

November 16th, 2018

Jeanine Cookson, a 56-year-old divorced mom and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, is outspoken about her membership in Liberty HealthShare. "I want you to know Liberty HealthShare saved me," she said.

You might assume that Liberty had taken care of a crucial medical incident, like a cancer treatment, an organ transplant, or maybe emergency surgery for her, but her story was about a different challenge—one millions of Americans face.

Jeanine was married for 26 years to an executive and had always had health insurance coverage through her husband. But then she found herself divorced. As the single mother of two college-aged girls, she needed healthcare coverage, and was facing a career change to get a job where she would have insurance. She felt alone and hopeless.

Jeanine had worked as a stylist for CAbi, a high-end clothing line for women, for nearly a decade. She was passionate about her career and had a deep love for her colleagues and clients. As an independent contractor, she was self-employed. She loved what she did and was able to make a nice living, but then she was faced with getting her own health insurance.

Jeanine was going to buy her own insurance, but Obamacare was cost-prohibitive, not to mention the deductibles were huge. She couldn’t afford other insurance, either. So Jeanine signed up for classes to learn to be a medical assistant just to get health insurance. She was heartbroken to leave the career she loved. But then a friend who owned a small business told her about Liberty HealthShare.

“I was like ‘Health sharing? What is health sharing?’” said Jeanine.

Jeanine’s friends owned a hair salon and had been in the same predicament two years earlier and faced the closure of their business due to the high cost of health insurance. Then they discovered Liberty. Jeanine looked at several health sharing options before joining our community.

“The peace of mind that I’m getting for about $250 a month is a bargain compared to what I saw with health insurance,” said Jeanine.

As members, you already know that health sharing is an ingenious answer to the high cost of today’s healthcare. It has been around for decades and serves more than a million Americans. At its core, health sharing is simple and encompasses the basic belief of caring for one another, as well as the time-honored, uniquely American ideals of strength in numbers and sharing burdens together.

“It feels like health sharing is a secret, and it shouldn’t be,” said Jeanine. “I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t benefit from this option for healthcare. It has been my lifeboat, and I do feel like I am now the captain of my own ship. I have the career I want, and I’m cared for by the members of Liberty HealthShare. I’m so grateful to be in charge of my own life again, because a couple of years ago, I felt that I had no options. Now I feel secure.”

Stories such as Jeanine’s confirm that Liberty HealthShare is at the forefront of a revolution in health care. We are proud to help our members help one another.

And don’t forget that right now you can earn a $175 gift card for telling your friends about Liberty HealthShare, just like Jeanine’s friends did for her. Simply visit your ShareBox and click Refer A Friend. We will reward you when any of your friends become Liberty HealthShare members and stay with the program at least two months. Check out all the details. Be a friend. Refer a friend.