Media Personality Skeptical About Medical Cost Sharing

January 2nd, 2015

Last spring, John Daly, an award-winning, internationally-known journalist, news anchor, producer, writer, author, and TV host went from skepticism to belief in the validity of medical cost sharing.

A media analyst and former guest on The Tavis Smiley Show, Daly tuned in one day and heard Smiley interviewing Dr. Elaina George, a board-certified ENT physician from Atlanta, Georgia and Liberty HealthShare member. During the course of the broadcast, Dr. George mentioned cost sharing and Liberty HealthShare in particular. This unique concept stopped Daly in his tracks. He wondered, “What is this?”

After researching Liberty HealthShare, it only took Daly one week to decide to sign up. He joined because he truly believes that medical cost sharing, specifically as it is facilitated by Liberty HealthShare, is the kind of healthcare reform our nation needs.

Recently, Daly formed his own video production company, NowTV, with his partner, Susan Anzalone. NowTV creates video content, writing, producing, and shooting video for companies such as marketing organizations and membership-driven groups. In fact, NowTV is now producing videos for Liberty HealthShare. Daly said, “I like to develop long-lasting relationships with a client and Liberty HealthShare hit all the buttons for me.” He went on to say, “LibertyHealthShare is changing the world, changing technology, and driving down healthcare costs.”

John Daly-live-broadcast.jpg

NowTV will produce 22 videos for Liberty HealthShare. They will feature success stories, frequently asked questions, and explanations of the medical cost sharing concept. The goal is to educate and inform those seeking an alternative to our current healthcare system and to provide tools for members when sharing Liberty HealthShare with others.

In addition to his video company, Daly maintains a website, Informed Not Inflamed. Here he invites readers to view current events and the news with an objective eye, rather than unquestioning belief in what the media reports. For example, he has focused a number of articles on exposing common distortions about healthcare reform. His interest in the topic is why he immediately responded to the idea of medical cost sharing as a solution for him and for our nation's ailing healthcare system.

Daly’s video work already appears on the Liberty HealthShare website. Stay tuned for upcoming videos and be sure to share them with others. They will thank you for it.

As a former host of two popular TV shows, Real TV and House Detective (HGTV), John Daly has appeared before millions of viewers around the globe. Daly also earned several Emmys and AP awards for best newscasts. As a journalist, he worked in Boston, Las Vegas, and several other major markets. It was his ability to report in an unbiased, investigative way which brought him into the spotlight during the 2004 presidential election as many of his friends and colleagues wanted him to separate fact from fiction. His involvement eventually led him to write a book entitled Truth: The No-BS Guide to Navigating a Media-Biased World. Daly has always sought to present the truth without bias, which sets him apart as a journalist.