Maternity & Membership: What to Expect

April 10th, 2019

Here at Liberty HealthShare, we are invested in helping our members navigate the process of paying for their medical costs with as little confusion and stress as possible. We've done our best to make the maternity process simple and straightforward because we know you would rather prepare to welcome your new bundle of joy than worry about confusing policies.

Here are a few helpful tips for members during maternity and pregnancy:

Once you know you are expecting, as early as possible, we ask that you call our pre-notification line (888-604-4337) to inform us of the pregnancy. A representative will ask you about your due date and confirm eligibility for sharing. Keep in mind that members must be enrolled before conception for maternity to be eligible for sharing.

When you call the pre-notification line, you will be assigned a Maternity Advocate. This person will help manage the financial side of things during your pregnancy, up to and including the delivery. Your maternity advocate will send a welcome e-mail with some preliminary information, so be sure to read that in case you have any questions. During your initial contact, he or she will also ask you a few questions about your plan for delivery and then reach out to your providers.

Typically doctors and facilities charge a "global fee" that includes certain services (ultrasounds, office visits, labs, etc.), and the advocate will work to negotiate the fairest, most reasonable amount for this fee. This is one of the reasons it is important for expecting mothers to pre-notify as early in their pregnancy as is possible, in case a provider's fees are excessive.

Because this global fee is usually negotiated, we ask that maternity bills be sent directly to the maternity advocate via e-mail, rather than submitted through the ShareBox. Bills must be itemized and include date(s) of service, service codes (five-digit CPT codes) and prices. Receipts must show the name of the provider who was paid.

Please note: As of September 1, 2018, doula services are no longer eligible for sharing. For expecting mothers who pre-notified regarding a pregnancy prior to September 1st, doula expenses will be shared in at a maximum of $1,000.

Once you bring your new family member home, he or she can be added to your membership as a dependent. We will need notification in writing from the sharing member within 30 days.

NOTE: We always recommend members familiarize themselves with our Sharing Guidelines document, which contains in-depth information about all aspects of membership.

Please note that our guidelines are amended from time to time, so you should always reference the current version housed under "Resources & Education" on our website (or click on the link embedded above) rather than any printed or downloaded version you may have.

As you grow your family, we are excited to play even a small part in the process. It's an honor for us to make possible the sharing of your medical costs with your fellow members. We can't wait to meet your new addition!