Live & In Person, It's Liberty HealthShare

February 10th, 2017

Liberty HealthShare is always looking for opportunities to stay informed about national developments and movements that impact us as a sharing community. One of the ways we accomplish this is by strategically choosing and attending conferences that touch on healthcare, policy, and faith. These events offer us a chance to gather important information and pass it along to our members, to interact with and educate change-makers in various arenas, and to meet and hear from people just like you who are also in attendance.

In just a few weeks, our staff will attend two national conferences, and we want to take you with us. If you're on Facebook, make sure to "like" our page so you can see our notifications and stay up to date. Keep an eye out for announcements so you don't miss our special Facebook Live video interviews and other insider offerings. We can't wait to interact with you while we're out spreading the word about this unique community!