Liberty Select: Your Questions Answered

October 13th, 2020

On October 1, we launched our new Liberty Select program option to help healthy individuals lower their monthly share and participate as an active member in our sharing community. Along with lower monthly share amounts, Liberty Select offers a higher annual unshared amount (AUA), for each sharing level within the program.

You can find additional information on Liberty HealthShare’s high AUA program in this FAQ and we’ve answered a few of your additional questions here:

What happens if I am diagnosed with an illness while enrolled in the Liberty Select program? Can I switch to another program with a lower AUA?

If you have enrolled in the Liberty Select program and you want to change your program to another healthsharing program after you have been diagnosed with an illness, you may switch to a different program with these requirements:

  • Any health condition, diagnosed while a member of Liberty Select remains ‘under’ the Liberty Select program.
  • Any eligible medical expenses incurred related to this condition will be shareable only under this program for the duration of the membership year and the Liberty Select AUA applies.
  • You will be required to meet the Liberty Select program AUA before sharing can begin related to your diagnosed health condition.
  • Members are required to meet the newly selected program AUA for all other health conditions during the membership year.

What happens if I become pregnant while enrolled in the Liberty Select program? Can I switch to another program with a lower AUA?

Maternity is not included with the Liberty Select program. If you are enrolled under Liberty Select, all pregnancy related expenses will not be eligible for sharing within your sharing community. If you switch programs, any pregnancy related expenses will remain under the Liberty Select program.

If I switch programs, (whether to or from Liberty Select) will my AUA restart?

Once the new program change is made, the Membership Period Date changes to the date of the new program and the associated AUA (annual unshared amount) begins. Any AUA accumulated during the current membership year will carry forward with the member after the program change to or from Liberty Select.

What’s included in wellness for Liberty Select?

Eligible wellness expenses, including screenings, are shareable up to $400 per membership year and not subject to AUA (infants included). It is very important to confirm with your provider that you are receiving wellness services during your visit and that your billing codes reflect wellness related services.

If you are still unsure if the Liberty Select program is right for you and your household, we have designed a quiz to help you decide, If you have questions regarding your membership, please give us a call at 855-585-4237 and our team will be happy to help you.