Liberty Select FAQ

September 22nd, 2020

Liberty HealthShare is launching a new sharing program, Liberty Select. This new program offers lower monthly share amounts, along with a higher annual unshared amount (AUA) for each sharing level within the new program. 

We answered questions about Liberty Select in this FAQ.

What is the program?

Liberty Select is an additional program option that can help healthy individuals lower their monthly share each month and participate as an active member in our sharing community.

What does it offer?

This new program will offer lower monthly share amounts, along with a higher annual unshared amount (AUA) for each sharing level within the new program. 

What are the new monthly share amounts?

Single      $199

Couple   $299

Family     $399

What is the AUA for the Liberty Select program?

Your AUA is the amount of medical costs that you are responsible for before sharing can take place and other members can share into your medical expenses. Your AUA responsibility varies depending on the program and family size of your membership. With the Liberty Select program the AUA is:

Why are the AUA amounts so high?

Liberty Select was designed to provide members and prospective members an additional program choice with a lower monthly share amount. Liberty Select members would still have the support of a sharing community in the event that a medical need arises

Who is this program for?

Liberty Select is an additional program option that can help healthy individuals actively participate in our healthsharing community.  It is designed to provide members (including infants) yearly wellness expenses including screenings up to $400  maximum (not subject to AUA)*and $500,000 per incident to meet eligible medical expenses after the annual unshared amount has been met. Maternity is not included.  *All other LHS guidelines are applicable.

What’s included in the program?

Liberty Select affords our members the following offerings and cost-savings to programs

·         HealthShareRx

·         Liberty TeleHealth

·         Healthcare Bluebook


What’s not included? Is maternity included with Liberty Select?

Maternity is not included with the Liberty Select program. However, sharing for eligible maternity is included in our other programs.

Is this new program available to existing members? What do I do if I want to switch programs?

Yes, Liberty Select is available to all members. Interested members are able to select this program (or any other program) with no fee by logging into their ShareBox and selecting the ‘Membership’ tab and then selecting ‘Change Membership’ on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Please note that any membership change will be effective the first of the selected month. 

For example, a membership change must be completed and signed on or before 9/30 to become effective on 10/1.

We encourage members to call our Enrollments department if you have questions or need assistance making this change at 1-855-585-4237 x 1768.


Can I switch my program and my expenses be shareable?

A current LHS member can switch to Liberty Select, however, LHS will share eligible medical expenses based on the guidelines of the program they were in at the date of service. This is true for all program level changes.

Once the new program change is made, the Membership Period Date changes to the date the new program and associated AUA (annual unshared amount) begins.

Any AUA accumulated during the current membership year will carry forward with the member after the program change to Liberty Select.

What if I get pregnant as a member of Liberty Select?

Maternity is not included under the Liberty Select program, therefore maternity related expenses would not be shareable.

If I switch my program to Liberty Select, do I have to wait two months for sharing to begin again?

No, existing members who change their program do not have to wait two months for sharing to begin.

When is the Liberty Select program available?

The program option will be available to current and prospective members when the monthly share increase goes into effect for all of our programs on October 1, 2020.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is simple. If you’ve decided that health care sharing is right for you, choose a program to fit your needs. Fill out an application and our enrollment team will walk you through the rest of the membership process.

When does sharing begin?

For new members, sharing begins after two full months of membership.

What if I decide to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. If you want to cancel, you should send written notice of your cancellation, including the reason for cancellation, by the 20th day of the month, prior to the month in which your sharing contributions will end.

What if I already cancelled my membership but I would like to join the Liberty Select program?

If your membership has already expired, you will have to reenroll with Liberty HealthShare as a new member. If your membership has been expired less than 30 days, you may be eligible to reinstate your membership and move to the new program to be effective October 1.

Is there a health screening required for membership approval?

Applicants complete a medical questionnaire for our nurses to review.

If I have a pre-existing condition, can I enroll in Liberty Select?

If you have a pre-existing health condition that requires long-term maintenance, Liberty Select may not be the best program for you. However, you may be approved for membership in one of our other programs. All applicants are subject to medical history review prior to membership approval.

When will my monthly share be due?

Members are asked to send in their Monthly Share Amount by the 5th day of each month.