Liberty Member and Doctor Excited About TeleHealth

July 15th, 2020

Last month, we launched our Liberty TeleHealth program to help our members save time and money, and stay safe.

We have received a lot of positive feedback about the TeleHealth program! One person in particular is both a Liberty HealthShare member and a Liberty TeleHealth provider, Dr. Chris Nussbaum.

Dr. Nussbaum is the highly-respected founder and medical director at Insight Life Care in Brandon, Fla., a Tampa suburb. At Insight Life Care, Dr. Nussbaum utilizes his 32 years of experience to give highly-attentive service in a primary care concierge-style boutique practice, for a membership fee.

“I think patients deserve the very best you can give them,” Dr. Nussbaum said. “I think the Hippocratic Oath of ethics taken by physicians means something. There’s a commitment and something altruistic there that all physicians and healthcare providers should ascribe to. I’m pretty much a stickler to make sure that I advocate for my patients in the most powerful way.”

“The only program we are affiliated with is Liberty HealthShare. We believe in the message of a ministry-based plan. We really like that it’s nondenominational. And we think it gives tremendous care for great value.”

Being a member since the late 1990s, Dr. Nussbaum was excited to join Liberty TeleHealth as a provider.

“When I went looking for opportunities to look out for other people, I encountered an opportunity with Liberty. Nothing could be more perfect,” he said. “I’m already engaged with Liberty and believe in the message, so I said sign me up!”

Dr. Nussbaum said his experience has been very good, and patient satisfaction has also been really positive. “I would like to be the busiest Liberty TeleHealth doc you’ve got. I love doing it. It’s really very useful. I can make good impact. It’s quick.”

Liberty TeleHealth is just one of the many programs offered to Liberty HealthShare members, including HealthShareRx, SavNet, and access to Healthcare Bluebook. Members can find more information about Liberty TeleHealth at or enroll at

“Everything just keeps getting better, and that’s a rare thing to see in healthcare,” Dr. Nussbaum said. “I see constant expansion of services into pharmacy and medical equipment. The notification center (Member Services) has become more responsive.

“I’m really a champion for the system and really do believe in it and think what Liberty is doing is really good. I’m very pro-Liberty.”

If you haven’t taken advantage of Liberty TeleHealth, we encourage you to sign up to start receiving quality care, virtually! It’s free to enroll for all Liberty HealthShare members.