Liberty HealthShare's Video Library

March 15th, 2021

Liberty HealthShare’s Video Library 

Understanding Liberty HealthShare’s unique processes is an important art of being a good healthsharing member. To help support our members in learning and receiving the most value from their membership, we have created helpful instructional videos.

These videos will help you better navigate your healthsharing membership. They include the explanation of various Liberty HealthShare processes and tutorials for essential functions, such as using ShareBox or properly submitting medical expenses. You can find the videos below in your ShareBox:

  • What it Takes to be Good Healthsharing Member, will give you tips on the steps to take to support your healthsharing community and simplify the healthsharing process.
  • ShareBox Overview, this video provides an in-depth overview of your ShareBox and how you can use it to access resources, submit your eligible medical expenses and more!  
  • How to Submit a Bill, will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly submit your eligible medical.
  • What is a Balance Bill, helps you understand the balance billing process and what to do if you receive a balance bill.
  • The Decision-Making Process of Pricing Share Amounts, will help you understand the process of determining how share amounts are priced for our healthsharing community.


We plan to continue adding educational videos in the future to benefit our members. You can access these videos from your ShareBox, by clicking the Resources tab.