Liberty HealthShare: The Reviews are in

January 3rd, 2018

These days, between computers and smartphones, most people spend at least a few hours online each day. Many also make purchasing decisions based on the multiple online sources of reviews, from business ratings on Yelp to subscription services like Angie’s List, and all the other review platforms that are available to us, including those on Google.

Here at Liberty HealthShare, we know many prospective members check online reviews to learn more about us and our members’ experiences. Most people understand that these reviews are subjective and shouldn’t be taken to represent every facet of the Liberty member experience, but there is no denying that online reviews of Liberty HealthShare do play a part in their perception.

That’s why we love it when our members take the time to leave positive reviews about their interactions with our staff and their experience of healthcare sharing. The main place where reviews of Liberty HealthShare can be seen is on Google. If you have a moment to tell your own story, we invite you to visit our Google page and share it there so others can read your Liberty HealthShare review.

Another way we share member stories is through testimonial blog posts. Our member services team often hears from happy members who simply want to say “thanks” after they have experienced the power of this community when it comes to sharing in their medical care expenses. Many times, those members are willing to be interviewed by our communications staff so we can share their testimonials on a larger scale through our blog. These posts are then shared on our social media channels and may be included in our monthly member newsletter.

Unlike traditional reviews, we believe these testimonials can be even more effective because they allow readers to learn about Liberty HealthShare members; the people with whom they are or will be sharing medical costs, putting faces and names to needs and monthly shares.

Take Karen, who shared her perspective on the costs associated with medical bills and her commitment to personal responsibility and health. In reviewing her experience with the Liberty HealthShare staff, she cited their kindness and the obvious priority that is given to call quality over quantity.

Then there’s Christine, who found herself in the ICU, facing a devastating diagnosis and a potential heart transplant. She and her husband were able to seek a second opinion and direct her care because as Liberty HealthShare members, they were not restricted by networks.

Chris from Arizona reached out to us to say thank you after his 14-year-old daughter suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and then endured a long recovery. He and his family were also able to navigate a frightening and overwhelming process on their own terms because they were not subject to networks or the directives of a third party payer. His reviews of both Liberty HealthShare staff and the member experience were grateful and positive.

Make sure to check out our testimonial blog posts to read more inspiring and encouraging stories from Liberty HealthShare members. If you have had an experience you want to share, don’t hesitate to leave us a review on Google. If you have a longer story to tell, feel free to send an e-mail to We'll review it for possible inclusion on our blog.

We often say how thankful we are for our members. By joining us and sharing in one another’s medical bills, you are changing your interactions with the medical field for the better. By supporting your fellow members, you are choosing community at a time when we can all really use it. We hope your experience with Liberty HealthShare is worthy of a good review. If so, don’t keep it to yourself!