Sharebox Is Your Most Important Membership Tool

November 17th, 2020

Your ShareBox is your most important membership tool so you will want to spend some time becoming familiar with it. This is where you will submit your eligible medical expenses and receive important information related to your Liberty membership and healthsharing community.

ShareBox is secure, so you can trust that your privacy and information is protected.

There are many features in ShareBox, including: 

  • Medical expenses and statuses;
  • Annual Unshared Amount and balance;
  • Notifications for your submitted expenses and medical bills;
  • Documents and resources to support your health journey;
  • Membership information and program level;
  • Sharing history;
  • PrayerBox to request prayer and encourage others.

Let’s take a look inside ShareBox. You can also view the ShareBox video here

To login, visit our website at and click on the top right-hand side of your screen. Click “Member Login” and login with your email and password to begin using your ShareBox!

Once you’ve logged in, you will see your dashboard. Inside the dashboard you can view your program links, to-do items, and alert messages, just for you.

On the left-hand side of your dashboard, you can view your tabs. Each one takes you to a different area within your membership.

For instance, the PrayerBox tab is where you can submit a prayer request and offer encouragement to other members.

The Medical tab is where you can submit an expense, review the status of your bills, and find your Explanation of Sharing, or EOS document.

If you need to search for a provider in your area, you can view the Provider tab or use the HealthCare BlueBook tool located on your dashboard.

The Sharing History tab is where you can see where your contributions are going.

You can find important information and membership support in your Notifications and Resources tabs.

In this area you will find instructional videos, past newsletters, important membership information, getting started guides and important authorization and request forms.

Some of our members choose to donate extra shares to our ministry to keep our SharePower strong. If you’ve done this, click on the Donations tab to see your donations.

Next, your Membership tab is where you will go to update your membership and program information. In this area you can update your contact information, view your program level and details, request membership cards, check when your renewal will occur, and set up your payment methods, including auto-payments. 

ShareBox is your communication hub. You can make it your own and change your settings to your preferences! Make changes to how tasks show up in your ShareBox, what landing page you want to see when you log in, and how many expenses you want to view per page.

Check your ShareBox often to find important information related to your healthsharing program! To login, visit our website at and click on the top right-hand side of your screen. Click “Member Login” and login with your email and password to begin using your ShareBox!

Thanks for being a part of Liberty HealthShare!